Maheshwari Realestate Blog Latest Products Thu, 25 Apr 2024 19:21:09 +0530 en-us Why to buy a property in Jaisalmer? 5 things to consider before investment Thu, 19 Mar 2020 17:30:26 +0530 The demand for buying a property in Jaisalmer is increasing every day. In fact, during the last decade, people are growing interest in buying a property here, in this golden city of Rajasthan. Whether it is in buying flats, villas, individual houses, farm house, or any commercial spaces like showrooms, farm lands, hotels and restaurants, etc., Jaisalmer offers attractive deals on every luxury or affordable segment. So, why people are getting interested in buying properties in this city? I have shortlisted a few major reasons for that. • The current ongoing or upcoming projects – this is one of the prime reasons why people are eager to invest in the real estate of Jaisalmer. The localities which remain on the top of choices are indira colony, transport nagar, dabla, jawahar nagar, kuldhara and hanuman circle. • The location of the city – Jaisalmer is less than 600 km away from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The Jaisalmer state is located on a yellow sandstone built ridge which is capped with a majestic fort. • Connectivity – Jaisalmer s not too far from the capital of Rajasthan. Also, it is well connected with most of the major cities of India. It includes an airport, railway station, and it offers very good road connectivity to the other parts of the country. NH 15 witnesses countless bus services through it. • Tourism industry – people are growing interests in buying commercial properties on the land of this golden city majorly influenced by its tourism industry. Its untouched historical benchmarks and earthen charisma drags many tourists attraction. Its flourishing tourism industry brings noteworthy foreign exchange by the international tourists. Within the city, you can use bicycle and auto-rickshaw rides quite comfortably.Things to consider before investing in a property: Jaisalmer is still emerging. Let’s see what you should consider before planning an investment in the real estate of this city. 1. Make a future plan: Assess your needs Demand for homes is rising every day here. So, decide what kind of home you are looking for. And, also make up your mind with an estimated budget. Find the right location and most importantly, right time to buy. 2. Pay heed to the vicinity: Eesearch well about the future aspect of the locality Everyone wants to upgrade their lifestyle continuously. So, you should buy a home in a location that can fulfill your requirements. And, while deciding on the locality, look for its historic price trend. 3. Cross-check developers’ permits: enquire about past or present projects Get an insight on Jaisalmer’s real estate aspects. Choose an experienced developer with excellent property delivering track record. 4. Review proposed project plans: Go through property layout Everyone wants to have good aesthetics, great connectivity, superb ventilation and other suitable amenities adjacent to every good residential project. 5. Quick checklist: Look for transparent deals Before buying a residential or commercial property in Jaisalmer, look for transparent deals. This may help you in getting faster loan approvals. And, finally, before signing the deed, examine every clause for avoiding any sort of unwanted surprises in the near future. Tips And Tricks To Buy Plots In Pokhran Wed, 13 May 2020 18:02:33 +0530 If you are searching for a plot of land for sale to build your dream home, you should get hold of land that is cost-effective and profitable. It is very difficult to choose a plot of differs sizes and shape that suits your requirements and choice. One should have some knowledge about buying a plot like shape, size, price, location and the maximum return that you can get in the future on your investment. Here in this article, you will learn some valuable tips that you should keep in mind always to get the perfect profitable plot for your benefit in several ways.Communication And Transport Make sure that you choose a location that has good transportation facility. It is one of the important points to remember while you are looking for plots. You should check the communication faculty and availability of transportation system of your dream plot. Ask your dealer about it and also other people about it. The plots for sale in Pokhran are best keeping the transportation facility in mind.Different Sizes And Shapes One should be extra careful about the plot's shape and size. It should be as per your requirement and choice. Get detail about the prime location, shape and also the size of the place that you are choosing. Have research done and they see whether it matches your preferences or not and then choose the one that you think you love the most.Natural Look As an individual, you should know about the value of a peaceful and natural environment around your plot. These plots often provide you with the real amount of the money and also the natural environment is worth it.Proper Documentation You should gain proper knowledge about the different types of properties. There should be a title deed to show that the plot belongs to the owner or not. Check whether it has the name of the owner or there is someone along with it and that he or she has the actual right of selling the plot or not. Also, check the tax bill to know whether the land tax is paid or not. You should always check all the documents before you buy a plot of land for yourself.Get Reference From Relative Or Friend Always ask about the plot of land that you are planning to buy and discuss it with your friends and family. You need to have all the fundamental information about the land so that you get the maximum profit at a reasonable price. You can look for the plots for sale in Pokhran and do the maximum research on it. Get to know about all the positive and negative points that you think are important. After all, this is done and you find the plot genuine and good to invest, then move ahead and buy it. These were some important tips for you to keep in mind when you think of investing in a plot of land. Always give priority to the legal services so that you be safe from the frauds.